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Our attorneys help clients navigate the challenges of divorce, child custody and other family conflicts to find sensible resolutions that benefit the entire family. We’ll help you separate the emotional aspects of your disputes from the critical decisions you need to make, bringing you to a better and faster resolution with less stress for yourself and your family.


Palimony Claim Sustained Despite Conflicting Legislation

The client’s deceased partner had made oral promises of support. We overcame summary judgment and obtained a palimony settlement despite passage of legislation requiring written promises of support for a palimony claim.

Cohabitation Claim Defended

Our client’s ex-husband wanted to stop payment of alimony, alleging that our client was cohabitating with her partner. We successfully defended the cohabitation claim to obtain alimony for our client.

Stopped Spouse From Blocking Cross-Country Move

Secured permission from the court for our client to relocate with her children across the country despite her former husband’s objections.


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I’m considering divorce. Can you recommend a book or article that would give me more insight into the process?

Our website offers an assortment of articles on almost every legal topic out there. However, while an article may lay out the basic information . . .

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I am seeking a divorce from my spouse and need interim support while the complaint is pending. How do I request this from the Court?

Any relief sought while your divorce is pending must be requested in the form of a Motion for Pendente Lite Relief. This is for any matter involving custody . . .

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