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We understand that real estate and land development transactions require more than legal skills; they are largely a people game. Whether we’re working with property owners, planning boards, community groups or regulators, we have the experience and relationships in the community to make groundbreaking deals happen.

The attorneys at Brown have been working for decades in zoning, planning and property development in Lakewood and surrounding communities. We handle all aspects of real estate and land development including due diligence investigations, risk assessments, land use applications, taxes, zoning and permits for clients in Ocean and Monmouth counties and throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Most importantly, we approach every transaction with an eye toward preserving and building your bottom line.

Recent Accomplishments

Cut Developer’s Tax Assessments by $1.9M

Reduced annual tax assessments for a commercial developer by $1.9 million over three years in a case we appealed and won in New Jersey’s Appellate Court.

Stopped Commercial Foreclosure

Stopped foreclosure for a commercial property owner in a complex multi-party case, significantly reducing payments required of our client.

Overturned Land Development Rejection

Overturned a local planning board’s rejection of our client’s development proposal, allowing our client to proceed with the most of the desired development.

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I entered a contract to buy a piece of property.
I've changed my mind. How do I get out of this contract?

Generally, your contract will contain an attorney review clause. This clause will give you three business days after the contract is signed to review it with your attorney...

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What is the deadline for filing a property tax
appeal in New Jersey? Where can I find the forms
I need?

In the State of New Jersey, property tax appeals should be filed with your county Board of Taxation by April 1st each year. You can find the forms and information you need . . .

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