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Our clients generally come to us for one of two reasons: They’re contemplating a transaction that could cost them—or make them—a lot of money, or they’re in a tough spot and need legal help.

In both cases, our job — and our approach — is the same. We leverage our client’s position to achieve the best outcome, while cutting through the legal wrangling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real estate transaction or a personal injury case or a contract dispute. It always comes back to knowing how to leverage the law and work with the personalities involved, from judges and juries to other lawyers, to achieve better outcomes.


Groundbreaking Decisions

We recently won a case of first impression in New Jersey's appellate court.

Maximum Settlements

We’ve won settlements that exceed initial limits by investigating all available avenues and resources.

Faster resolutions

We’ve taken cases that were stuck in negotiations for years and solved them in a matter of weeks.

Honesty & Transparency

With Brown, you’ll always know what we’re doing and what it will cost, every step of the way.

Going Beyond

At Brown, we go above and beyond our call of duty to find details to help your case.

Lower Costs

Our goal isn’t to fatten our files at the expense of your wallet. We seek the fastest, most economical route, every time.