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Proper estate planning helps you ensure that your wishes are carried out, your assets are protected before and after your death, and your family has the power to protect one another during life’s most challenging passages.

Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of tax matters including federal gift taxes, federal and New Jersey estate and transfer taxes and much more. We also have extensive experience with health care proxies, wills, living wills, powers of attorney and other challenging issues to help families navigate life’s most difficult passages without unnecessary strain and stress.

We offer the following trust and estate planning services and more:

  • Estate planning and administration, probate, wills and trusts.
  • Powers of attorney, guardianships and health care proxies.
  • Tax planning.


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What is probate and can it be avoided?

Upon your death, your Will is admitted to the Surrogates Court. Your property is gathered and inventoried, your debts are paid and everything left over is divided . . .

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